About Us

What does Research Help Desk do?

For Researchers and curious people

At Research Help Desk, we believe that great inspiration begins with a question, and we help millions of users answer theirs every month. Whether yours is about science and math, humanities and religion, or architecture and the arts, our platform provides you access to millions of journals and articles that are supposed to give you the answers to your questions and necessary information you require in a clear, easy-to-navigate format. Research Help Desk is an honest attempt at creating a lively and heavenly way to help you be more informed about scientific discoveries. Research Help Desk is a tap through which the water of knowledge flows. One can use this tap to drink basic water and premium water, both. This tap is a very crucial resource a budding researcher must have and its fairly easy to have because Research Help Desk is free of cost.

For Authors

We also provide a way for you to access journal metrics to make a much more informed decision about where you would like to publish your artice/research. There are gatekeepers of knowledge pertaining to the metrics of how the journals perform. Accessing data about metrics like Journal Impact Factor, etc is not free. We make sure that data is accessible by you free of cost so that you can contribute to one of the best journals known to humans.

Our Mission

RHD is continually finding new ways to deliver on our mission: to help people harness the power of the web towards accessing unlimited scientific knowledge and crucial metrics regarding the gatekeepers of it.

Who uses Research Help Desk?

Whether you’re a teacher, student, librarian or researcher, Research Help Desk will help you build a solid knowledge foundation, stay on top of your field and gain in-depth insights into interesting topics as you choose the next steps in your journey. People who wish to access the ocean of scientific knowledge can have uninterrupted access to it with the help of our platform that’ll help you surf through the metaphorical ocean of knowledge. Get the best stuff from the journals and platforms you love without burning a hole in your pocket. You won’t need to pay big companies to get a piece of information that is vital to your decision making process for choosing the best journal for you to be published in.

We pride ourselves on being different than the status quo. We break the monopoly of gatekeepers to knowledge. We provide you with the means to choose on your own without needing to pay a penny.

We are what you need. We are what you deserve. We are Research Help Desk.