Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology

Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology provides an International forum for original research papers, reviews, and commentaries on all aspects of the molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, histology and cytology, genetics and evolution of plant-microbe interactions.

Papers on all kinds of infective pathogen, including viruses, prokaryotes, fungi, and nematodes, as well as mutualistic organisms such as Rhizobium and mycorrhyzal fungi, are acceptable as long as they have a bearing on the interaction between pathogen and plant.

Research Areas Include:

  • Recognition in plant immunity
  • Cell biology of plant-microbe interactions
  • Plant molecular defense responses, including transcriptome, proteome, miRNA profiling, metabolome
  • Mechanisms of specific resistance, induced resistance and non-host -resistance
  • Plant hormones and regulators in plant-microbe interactions
  • Molecular biology of phytoalexins and other secondary metabolites of the host and their roles in resistance
  • Pathogen effectors involved in pathogenicity and interaction with the host
  • Pathogen infection mechanisms and host defense suppression
  • Novel approaches for disease control
  • Induction of plant immunity and biotechnology of resistance
  • Pathogen molecular diagnostic.


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