PLOS Genetics ISSN Details

PLOS Genetics ISSN Details

(International Standard Serial Number)

Print ISSN - 1553-7390

eISSN - 1553-7404

Genetics and genomics research has grown at a bewildering pace in the past 15 years. The techniques of these fields are being applied to a wealth of biological questions and experimental systems. PLOS Genetics reflects the full breadth and interdisciplinary nature of this research by publishing outstanding original contributions in all areas of biology. PLOS Genetics publishes human studies, as well as research on model organisms—from mice and flies, to plants and bacteria. Our emphasis is on studies of broad interest that provide significant insight into biological process or processes. Topics include (but are not limited to) gene discovery and function, population genetics, genome projects, comparative and functional genomics, medical genetics, disease biology, evolution, gene expression, complex traits, chromosome biology, and epigenetics.   Criteria for Publication To be considered for publication in PLOS Genetics, any given manuscript must satisfy the following criteria: Originality High importance to researchers in the field Broad interest to researchers in genetics and genomics Rigorous methodology Substantial evidence for its conclusions For manuscripts that focus on descriptive genomics, the PLOS Genetics editors are generally most enthusiastic about those that also include innovative theoretical treatment or follow-up experimentation that reveals novel and significant biological insight. For work in which disruption of gene function in model organisms plays an more...

PLOS Genetics ISSN Details

Journal Name PLOS Genetics
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Journal Print 1553-7390 (15537390)
Journal Online 1553-7404 (15537404)
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