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Pakistan journal of botany - Pakistan Botanical Society is one of the leading societies that aim to cultivate, promote, and disseminate the knowledge of all the branches of plant sciences. In addition, it also aims to undertake activities which are conducive to or necessary for the fulfillment of these objectives and cooperate with other organizations having similar objectives. PBS provides an opportunity for active research workers to present their results and to generate discussions for further planning of their research. Pakistan Journal of Botany is a peer-reviewed bi-monthly publication of the Pakistan Botanical Society.   History of Pakistan Botanical Society Probably the first seeds for formally establishing a Botanical Society were sown in the picturesque setting at Bara Gali in 1965 where the participants of the Summer Seminar in Botany resolved to establish a national platform for all those interested in Plant Sciences. Among others who participated in these discussions were Prof. Sher Ahmed Lodhi, Prof. Majid Ahmed, Dr. Khwaja Muhammad Salim, Dr. Shah Rukh Chughtai, Dr. Mustafa Shameel, and Mrs. Rukayya Khan. The idea was welcomed by other Plant Scientists actively engaged in research in different organizations in the country. In 1968, the Pakistan Botanical Society came into existence with Prof. Sher Ahmed Lodhi, more...

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