Nature Genetics ISSN Details

Nature Genetics ISSN Details

(International Standard Serial Number)

Print ISSN - 1061-4036

eISSN - 1546-1718

Nature Genetics is a monthly journal publishing the best research from across the field of genetics, with our broad scope ensuring that work published reaches the widest possible audience. All editorial decisions are made by a team of full-time professional editors. Nature Genetics publishes the very highest quality research in genetics. It encompasses genetic and functional genomic studies on human and plant traits and on other model organisms. Current emphasis is on the genetic basis for common and complex diseases and on the functional mechanism, architecture and evolution of gene networks, studied by experimental perturbation. Integrative genetic topics comprise, but are not limited to: Genes in the pathology of human disease Molecular analysis of simple and complex genetic traits Cancer genetics Agricultural genomics Developmental genetics Regulatory variation in gene expression Strategies and technologies for extracting function from genomic data Pharmacological genomics Genome evolution more...

Nature Genetics ISSN Details

Journal Name Nature Genetics
Journal Abbreviation Nature Genetics Abbreviation
Journal Print 1061-4036 (10614036)
Journal Online 1546-1718 (15461718)
Impact Factor Nature Genetics Impact Factor
CiteScore Nature Genetics CiteScore
Acceptance Rate Nature Genetics Acceptance Rate
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